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Use Okto        Earn Points

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Okto rewards you for everything you do onchain

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Claim Initial Bonus Points

Initial Okto points dropped to all on-chain crypto wallets, basis your past on-chain activity (including MetaMask, Trust, OKX, Bitget Wallet etc.) Special something for all traders!

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Get Bonus Future Points

Get flat 1 bps fees on futures trades and exclusive 1.5x bonus points upto $1 Mn trade volume, when moving from Centralized Exchanges.

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How to Earn Points

3 Simple Steps!

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Season 1: May 14 to Jul 14

Season 2: Jul 15 to Sep 15

Q4: Points conversion

  • What are Okto Points and how to earn them?
    Okto Points are designed to make your Okto experience more rewarding. You start earning points for all on-chain transactions with the Okto wallet, including depositing crypto, buying and selling tokens, placing futures trades, participating in airdrop quests, and more!
  • What are the benefits of Okto Points?
    We at Okto are building the Orchestration Layer of Web3 with the Okto Chain, to level up Chain Abstraction. The Okto Wallet is the first wallet built on this chain and is super powerful due to Chain Abstraction built in. This Okto Chain will be powered by the $OKTO token In the future and Okto Points are the first way to become a part of the Okto Chain’s success. More details soon, stay tuned!
  • How do I get more Okto Points?
    All Okto users, prior to the launch of Season 1 of Points, were granted a retrospective bonus of the Okto Points. Additionally, if you are importing your wallet into Okto, you are eligible for bonus initial points. Following that, you'll accumulate points for each transaction you conduct on Okto. There are some bonus quests that are also live on the app to further accelerate your points journey.
  • Are Okto Points credited instantly?
    No, Okto Points for your activities will be credited once per week at Friday 2pm UTC. You will be notified when points drop into your account.
  • What are points seasons?
    We'll have two seasons to collect points. The first season kicks off on May 14, 2024 and will run for 2 months.
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