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Chain abstraction levelled up

Fully Expressive Orchestration Layer

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Powered by Okto's Orchestration Layer

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Okto Chain

Okto is leveling up chain abstraction by building a fully expressive orchestration layer. Okto offers developers a unified platform to build next-generation applications on web3 rails by providing simple SDKs on one hand, and access to Protocol / community created Blocs on the other hand (think easy-to-use scripts). Okto does the heavy lifting of abstracting web3 complexities across fragmented ecosystem while providing users web2 like experiences.

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The Orchestration Layer of Web3

Okto’s secure Chain architecture enables trustless, composable and modular development to make it massively expressive

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Our Ecosystem

20+ chains with more on the way!

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All transactions covered

Perform transaction orchestration across several blockchain ecosystems to facilitate a user use case and action.

Chain Abstraction

Gas Abstraction

Protocol Abstraction

Private key Abstraction

Unified wallet, for everything Web3 

MPC-secured and permissions given by the app chain’s ledger. Wallets on this network are delegated by the user to sign on their behalf based on the permissions provided.

Secure sign in

Self custody

Easy access

Secure chain

Okto Chain is a ZK roll-up app chain secured by a decentralized set of PoS validators that stores the user account data, permissions, crypto-economic security, and use case scripts. All other components get inherited authority from this immutable app chain ledger.




Bringing Web3 to Devs,
Not Devs to

Users want apps, not headaches. 

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Fully Expressive Through Blocs

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Developer-Friendly APIs

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Join our Growing Community

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