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REKT No-More: Don’t get Rekt for the wrong reasons

Got Rekt? It’s not you, it's them! 

Trade futures on the most powerful self-custody wallet. Get a Web2/CEX-like trading experience with the power of self-custody without the #REKTNoMore issues of not having gas fees, clunky interfaces, illiquid markets, etc. on DEXs. 

To sweeten the deal and reward the Web3 Futures traders, we are announcing the launch of the #REKTNoMore drop, giving away an additional 1 Million+ $OKTO points drop to all futures traders. Whether you’ve faced highs or lows, it’s time to reclaim your trading prowess and earn exciting $OKTO points! 

Tired of Getting Rekt in Derivative Trading? 

Let's face it: a massive chunk of DeFi volumes comes from derivatives traders. They're the mavericks who exploit market inefficiencies and alpha-hunt for profits (and sometimes take epic losses). But face it, even the most battle-tested DeFi warriors have gotten REKT several times for the wrong reasons. 

REKTening can happen for a bunch of reasons. Centralized exchanges (CEXs) can rug-pull your funds in a flash, like that FTX fiasco. Sketchy decentralized perpetual exchanges (perp DEXs) with janky infrastructure can make trading a nightmare. We're talking multi-chain chaos, clunky webviews, gas fees on placing orders, slow transactions, brutal liquidations due to illiquid markets, and no notifications, Yikes!

Introducing REKT No-More: The most powerful Self Custody Futures Experience with $OKTO points to help you win.


We're building a battle-tested decentralized futures ecosystem that eliminates these #REKTNoMore problems.

The REKT No-More drop: A Thank You to the OGs

As a tribute to the pioneering derivative traders who built this space, we're giving away over 1 Million+ $OKTO points to users who've actively traded on OKTO futures!

This airdrop is for YOU, the warriors who've braved the early days of DeFi derivatives. Consider this a massive reward for contributing to the revolutionary DeFi space.

Why Choose Okto for your decentralized futures trading?

Leveraging the experience gained from building India's top exchange and onboarding millions of customers, Okto Futures offers a powerful and secure trading experience, eliminating all REKT-causing problems on DEXs. Okto provides enhanced security of self-custody through private keys and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology. No fear of exchange insolvency. Your funds stay safe with you. 

  • Web3 Abstracted: Built on top of Chain Abstraction/Orchestration, Okto handles the chain complexities behind the scenes so you can focus on what matters - making winning trades. Trade on web3 seamlessly without worrying about gas fees or other complexities. 

  • Mobile-First Decentralized Futures Wallet: Okto gives a powerful mobile-native trading experience on the Okto app. Execute trades and manage your portfolio on the go, anytime, anywhere.

  • Cost-Effective Trading: Unlike other perp dexes, Okto Futures eliminates gas fees for placing orders, minimizing your trading costs. You only pay transaction fees.

  • Lightning-Fast Order Execution: Experience seamless and warp-speed execution for a competitive edge in the market.

  • Unmatched Liquidity: Okto Futures unlocks deep liquidity, ensuring tight spreads and access to a wider range of assets by providing access to deep liquidity pools across protocols (e.g., Hyperliquid).

  • Early Access to $OKTO Tokens: Earn $OKTO points through platform activities and unlock early access to the native $OKTO token.

How to Grab Your Share of the 1 Million+ $OKTO Points?

1M+ $OKTO points will be dropped for activities across: 

  • Get Started on Okto: Simply import your wallet and start trading futures. It's our way of saying thanks for being an on-chain DeFi trooper!

  • Volume-based DROP - Get boosted points for any and all futures volumes on the Okto wallet

  • Leaderboard Glory: Feeling competitive? The top Futures traders with the highest volume will be handsomely rewarded based on Weekly and overall campaign leaderboard. 

  • Surprise Bonus DROP: There are points for all traders, so even if you are not on the leaderboard, you can win surprise bonus drops on achieving volume milestones on Okto, referring more traders, top P&L holders, and community challenges.  

#REKTNoMore CAMPAIGN details: 

  • Overall Campaign duration: 4 Weeks 

  • Weekly campaign duration: Monday to Monday.

  • Distribution of rewards: 

    • Points are dropped every week on Friday based on your past week's volume 

    • Weekly leaderboard rewards will be distributed once after the week ends from the day of the start of the competition 

    • Overall, leaderboard points will be distributed one week after the campaign. 

Get ready for exciting community and social activities throughout the competition. We'll have daily and weekly surprises waiting for you.

Ready to #REKTNoMore and trade like a champion? Join the #REKTNoMore drop and claim your rewards!

Check out the Terms and Conditions before jumping in.


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