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15 Million Users, 1 Click Endless Web3 Access | Powered by Okto Orchestration Layer

Okto Orchestration layer is built around a core principle:

“Neither users nor developers should be burdened by the complexities of Web3. They should experience web3 power directly, without the industry's usual hassles.”

While simplifying user experience is a shared goal, achieving it requires a nuanced approach. Renowned projects like Near, Particle, and Agoric, valued in the billions, are tackling chain abstraction and user experience challenges. All these players are taking the chain abstraction efforts further - at Okto we are abstracting web3 end-to-end through the Okto Orchestration Layer.

Last month, we unveiled our future vision of a fully functional orchestration layer designed to redefine the Web3 experience for both developers and users. Since its launch, Okto chain wallets have seen tremendous growth, surpassing 2 million wallets.

Today, we're excited to announce a monumental step towards our vision of 50 million on-chain users. We've integrated the Okto orchestration layer with CoinDCX via our SDK, granting 15 million users access to Web3 in a manner that they are familiar with (single click, mobile native, without being aware of web3 complexities). 

Giant Leap in Chain Abstraction

This integration marks a significant leap forward in chain abstraction. It paves the way for deep integrations between centralized and decentralized exchanges, establishing a hybrid trading platform. Users can access on-chain features with a single click - chainless, gasless, and hassle-free.

This solution helps in bridging the gap in on-chain vs. centralized exchange usage. Currently, most crypto users are familiar with trading assets. However, the on-chain vs. centralized exchange user numbers tell a different story. While the total crypto market volume is a staggering $81 billion in 24 hours, DeFi captures only $5 billion – a mere 6%. The remaining majority of volume ~ $75 billion comes from centralized exchanges.

This disparity highlights the knowledge gap and lack of easy access to Web3. Our integration aims to bridge this gap and provide a seamless user experience for all.

How Okto orchestration layer is Simplifying Web3 for CoinDCX Users

Building with the CoinDCX team revealed significant hurdles to widespread adoption. The problem we faced was that –

“Even if there exists a way to solve web3 access, not all users are familiar with complex web3 terminology and nuances.”

Onboarding them requires overcoming a substantial learning curve. Concepts like gas fees on various chains and cross-chain transactions can be daunting for beginners. The Okto Orchestration solution tackles these challenges head-on.

The Okto Orchestration Solution

Okto provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes familiar CRUD-based APIs. These APIs completely shield developers from the complexities of web3 and give them a familiar web2 experience. This simplification streamlines the mobile development process, empowering developers to create a seamless web3 experience for CoinDCX users. This user-friendly experience is achieved through several layers of background abstraction:

  • Chain Abstraction: DeFi trading often necessitates moving funds across multiple blockchains. Okto's chain abstraction solution eliminates the need for users to be concerned about the specific blockchain they're using. They can trade seamlessly without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. When Okto onboards a chain, it not only enables read/write on the chain but gets into the nuances of consensus, payload, gas, tries/retries, etc - all essential for truly abstracting the chain both for the developer and the user. Okto today supports 15+ chains across EVM chains, Solana, Aptos, Cosmos, etc.

  • Gas Abstraction: Okto has developed a gas station network. This allows users to trade on the blockchain without needing to hold the native gas tokens for each chain. This eliminates friction, creating a smoother multichain experience. Okto has solved this across chain ecosystems - both for EVM-based chains and non-EVM-based chains.

  • Transaction Abstraction: With Okto, initiating a swap is incredibly straightforward. Okto bundles transactions in a delegated manner and manages asynchronous transactions such that the user gets a simple single-click experience. Okto's smart contracts execute multiple transactions across chains, finding the best routes while also optimizing for throughput and success rates. Users don't need to worry about these technical details; Okto abstracts all complexities, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient swap experience.

  • Data Abstraction: Developers are freed from the burden of managing blockchain synchronization and indexing. Okto handles this efficiently. It listens to each block on every supported blockchain, filtering events associated with users' accounts. These events are processed, and the data is indexed for every wallet account.

Impact on the Web3 Industry

One of the biggest challenges for ecosystems and blockchains is providing a simple and intuitive user experience. At Okto, our focus is on bringing Web3 to users, not forcing users to adapt to Web3. By targeting tens of millions of centralized exchange (CEX) users, rather than just existing DeFi/Web3 users, we are making blockchain technology accessible to a much broader audience.

Through our integration with CoinDCX, we have enabled millions of KYCed users from India on the chain. This integration bridges the gap between traditional financial systems and the decentralized world, fostering a more inclusive and robust ecosystem.

What’s Next?

Okto Chain will continue to innovate, addressing and solving chain abstraction problems to enhance the blockchain experience. Our vision is to create an integrated blockchain experience where users won’t even realize they are interacting with blockchain technology. This vision drives our continuous innovation and development efforts.

Join the Revolution

Are you a developer building in Web3 and facing similar challenges? The Okto Orchestration Layer enhances both developer and end-user experiences, providing access to millions of users and serving as a powerful go-to-market strategy for Web3 protocols. 

Join us in transforming the Web3 landscape and making blockchain technology truly accessible to all. Together, we can drive the mass adoption of blockchain technology and create a more inclusive, efficient, and secure digital world.

Okto Orchestration Layer. The Future is Now.

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