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#GetOnChain to Earn Okto Points for CEX Users

Want to get more out of your funds on platforms like Binance, Bybit, or OKX? You can earn extra rewards by transferring your money to an Okto Wallet. By transferring your funds to an Okto Wallet, you secure your assets with self-custody and become eligible for Bonus Okto Points. This guide details the steps to transfer your funds and earn additional rewards efficiently.

What are Okto Points?

Okto Points are designed to make your Okto experience more rewarding. You start earning points for all on-chain transactions with the Okto wallet, including depositing crypto, buying and selling tokens, placing futures trades, participating in airdrop quests, and more! Read more about Okto's points here.

What’s your reward?

For all futures derivatives trades executed through the Okto wallet, you get:

  1. Flat 1bps fees, allowing cheapest trades in the web3 ecosystem (fee rebate issued as refund)

  2. 1.5X boost on Okto points on all futures derivatives trades (multiplier automatically applied)

Offer is applied on your first $1 million of futures trading volume or till 30 days of signup, whichever is earlier

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started

Step 1: Create Your Okto Wallet:

  • Download the Okto Wallet and signup using Gmail or the Email option

  • Please note that this offer is ONLY valid for Okto accounts created via Gmail or Email option (both existing and new users)

Step 2: Transfer a minimum of $100 from your centralized exchange account

  • Supported centralized exchanges: Bybit, Bitget, Binance, MexC, OKX, Deribit, Kraken, KuCoin, BingX and

  • Please remember that the deposit should be $100 in one go, and you can't split it into smaller transactions adding up to $100

Step 3: Enter your Okto account email in this form for a quick verification.

Important Things to Note

  • The bonus offer is applicable until the total trading volume on Okto reaches $1 billion.

  • The offer is valid until a user’s first $1 million in Future trading volume is reached on the Okto app or until 30 days after account creation, whichever is earlier

  • The account must be created using a Gmail or email login and NOT through import wallet

  • Flat 1bps fee will be applied as a fee refunded to your Okto wallet every Friday, by 2 pm UTC. This fee refund will be credited directly to your account in $USDC on the Arbitrum Chain.

  • The 1.5x bonus points multiplier will be applied to your account for all futures trades, credited every Friday alongside points from other activities, by 2pm UTC.

Read more about the new Okto ecosystem here.

Ready to Boost Your Earnings?

You’re all set to maximize your cryptos. If you have any questions or need more details, contact us at


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