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Embedded Wallet for Web3 Apps

Okto Lite is a fully interoperable embedded wallet

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Integrate Okto Lite within a day

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Get an API Key
Request an API key from “okto-email / type-form”

Install the Okto-SDK NPM package
This takes a few seconds

Set up your React Native snippet
Once you set up your snippet, you can perform all the wallet operations.

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Web2 Convenience
Web3 Complexity

Simplified Web2 APIs for all things Web3

Universal Authentication Kit

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Okto Auth

Inherited social Auth

Enable sponsored gas for your users for a frictionless experience

Leverage our powerful embedded wallets with your existing auth

Smoothly transition from Web2 to Web3

Wallets & transaction kit


High Throughput

Batched Transactions

Gas Exchange

Enable sponsored gas for your users for a frictionless experience

Ensure high throughput for your app without worrying about scalability

Users can execute multiple transactions at the same time

Users can pay gas using any token in their wallet

UI kit

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Portfolio with transaction history

Users can access their portfolio and transaction history via our widget.

Onramp and Offramp

Integrated multiple fiat on-ramps and offramps supporting fiat and crypto across various chains.

UI Customisation

Customize the Okto Lite UI according to the look and feel of your application within 90 sec.

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Operations kit

Asset Managaement

Web2 interface for NFT and Token Collection creation, minting and transfer.

Treasury Management

Achieve high throughputs for Treasury wallets, Airdrops, Sponsorship.

Server Side APIs

Secure Txn fulfillment even if user is offline.

User Management

Analytics Dashboards, Alerts, Unified portfolio.

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